Election Day is finally here…don’t let your voice go unheard! Keep hate out of our communities and vote for the candidate(s) that will support YOU!

Pull your family, friends, and neighbors to the polls to have a say in YOUR government. To find your polling location, click here.

Coming to a Center near YOU!(0)

Whatever your political persuasion or passionate issue, now is the time to harness the power to hold our elected officials accountable!
Together, we can ensure that “Muslim” is not a dirty word in the next election with those that seek to represent our communities. Register and re-register today!

TAKE ACTION: Help Local Youth!(0)

Keep families together, keep our communities whole!

Support local youth that are working to change our communities for the better. Hold our government officials accountable to the communities they represent by signing this petition to keep Marcelo from deportation!

Then They Came for Me: A Discussion on Civil Liberties in Peril in Chicago(1)

Come hear from those who have been directly affected by the FBI raids on activists in Chicago, as well as from the Chicago civil liberties and activism communities, which have been mobilizing to bring to light the realities of grand jury proceedings and the right to freedom of speech.

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