Project Mobilize or Project M is a political action non-profit organization dedicated to the education, development, and political advancement of politically marginalized communities seeking to fully realize their rights and responsibilities at the local, statewide, and national level. With an initial focus on the Muslim American community, Project M has a three-pronged mission:

  1. Project M seeks to develop the political potential that exists in the Muslim American community while fostering greater civic involvement in the form of running for political office, participating in a political campaigns, and/or advocating for issues and causes of importance. To this end, Project Mobilize will provide resources to interested individuals to further their political aspirations including, though not limited to, specific training, networking, avenues for funding, and/or socio-demographic resources.
  2. Project M will expand and coordinate the issues-organizing efforts of Muslim American advocacy groups in Illinois. It will mobilize Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike around issues both directly and indirectly impacting Muslim Americans.
  3. In enabling the Muslim American community to fully realize its political potential, Project M will conduct advocacy on behalf of the Muslim American community. Advocacy efforts include, but are not limited to, conducting letter-writing campaigns, providing endorsements, and/or engaging in fundraising for specific candidates.

Due to the political activities undertaken in the name of this organization, donations made to Project M are not tax deductible.

Project M is a community organization. It values the hard work done at the local level that leads to positive change that can reverberate statewide and across the nation. Embracing its grass-roots nature, Project M will operate within the community it seeks to mobilize. This scope is bound both by geographic and demographic limits detailed under their respective sections.